Release 2.1.0 - Jul 2022

What’s New

  • World map 3d plugin: this plugin allows you to navigate and explore geographic data on a 3D globe using a web browser.
  • Panolens plugin: this plugin allows you to view the custom map in panorama view.
  • Sankey plugin: this plugin allows you to display flows of any data, where the width of each flow pictured is based on its quantity.
  • Pathlyzer Setup: this allows you to setup the pathlyzer endpoint url via web application. The pathlyzer agent will automatically collect the Urls that you configured.
  • Password policy: admin user can setup password policy.
  • [Alertview] Alertview: this allows you to enrich customer information into event and display in alerting page.
  • [ITIM] Add support product OID setup: this allows you to custom OID for each products. Ex. CPU, Memory, Disk OID.
  • [ITIM] Add support Trap OID setup: this allows you to customize your trap message based on trap OID.

Bugs fixed

  • Fix dashboard to use keyword field to aggregate data
  • Fix node edit page, some field cannot update
  • Fix search functionality on-page that has large data
  • Fix some minor bugs

Release 2.0.0 - Apr 2022

Features and enhancements

  • NLG-MDES: we migrate NLG-MDES version to latest version. The major functions including as below:
  • System Admin and Data Admin role
  • Data Retention
  • Data Dump
  • Data Download
  • [NLG-ITIM] User can polling SNMP data from devices by using SNMPv3
  • [NLG-ITIM] Not only CDP but NLG can also polling topology information from devices that enable LLDP protocol.
  • [Network Diagram Plugin] User can build their own Network diagram panel by using our new network diagram plugin. This new network diagram plugin provides flexible options to let user flexibly modifies as needed.
  • [Administration] The system variable admin page enable user to easily configured system variable via web GUI.
  • [Administration] The import data admin page enable user can import master data into NLG by using CSV file. This save a lot of effort of user to add the master data into the system.
  • [Administration] The menu page enable user to customize the dashboard menu. User can configure both menu name and link as needed
  • [Alert] The new alerts that you can create and edit alerting rules as well as see alerting information in a centralize and searchable view.
  • [Library panels] This allow users to build panels that can be used in multiple dashboards. Any updates made to that shared panel will automatically updated to all dashboards that have that panel.

Release - Mar 2022

Features and enhancements

  • Auto report

Bug fixes

  • Fix timezone issue in NPMD image
  • Auto populate menu as user role
  • Update docker-compose.yml to use .env file in order to setup Elasticsearch and Kibana host IP address.